Indroducing 20=$20 - NEW REWARD PROGRAM September 1st 2015
Purchase a total of 20 PLEX and receive a $20 coupon code valid on a future purchase from ETC. Unfortunately ETC's new cart does not accommodate a tally system, therefore, the tallies will be processed once a week. The goal is to send out coupons on Wednesday's or Thursday's.

"Brain in a Box"(BiaB) Update - Better performance and faster jumping (mostly in fleets), an increased Jita population cap, and more under the hood.

More Ship SKINs - The visionary architects and artists of New Eden’s shipyards have designed even more Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings for capsuleers wishing to fly in style.

Nov 3rd 2015 Sovereignty Structure Modifications: - Passive Structure Regeneration Partially contested structures will regenerate toward full owner control if no active links are currently running. This change reduces the maintenance required to stave off uncommitted attackers during asymetric engagements.

Self-Destruct Button In the event that an alliance wishes to or needs to relinquish control of a territory, a Director of the owning corporation can set a 20-minute self-destruct timer on the controlling structures.

Infrastructure Hub (I-Hub) Toggle Manage your I-Hubs more efficiently and pay only for the upgrades you are using. A toggle has been added, giving you the power to change the online/offline status of an upgrade without having to uninstall it.
Scoop to Fleet Hangar Another popular request from the playerbase has made its way into this release. Players can now scoop in-space objects to their fleet hangar.