Indroducing 20=$20 - NEW REWARD PROGRAM September 1st 2015
Purchase a total of 20 PLEX and receive a $20 coupon code valid on a future purchase from ETC. Unfortunately ETC's new cart does not accommodate a tally system, therefore, the tallies will be processed once a week. The goal is to send out coupons on Wednesday's or Thursday's.

EVE has sound? - It is a common joke among capsuleers but it is true and EVE has a soundcloud. If you are interested, checkout and here the latest addition to the archive the Aegis theme song.

August 25th 2015 Galatea - The next release for EVE Online boast upgraded animations and effects for each of the faction's Doomsday weapons. Other graphical improvements include:

  • Warp Scrambler
  • Salvager
  • Tractor Beam

  • Improving performance along with the aesthetics.

    Community influenced designs - After CCP showed the Caracal redesigns earlier this year, the EVE Reddit community started making its own versions. Some were very humorous, others quite to the point! A couple of designs stood out where the common denominator was shortening and lifting up the front of the Caracal. After looking through the feedback on Reddit the new Cerberus was born. CCP made a quick paint over with the design changes, posted it to Reddit and people seemed to like it. Walla! Players will have the new Caracal in the upcoming Aegis release. We really enjoyed this little collaboration, and hopefully we can do more in the future!